Welcome to BulkMailingSolutions, where we provide advanced email server setup and VPS conversion services to clients looking to enhance their email marketing efforts. We offer customized solutions that cater to your specific business needs, ensuring maximum email deliverability and inbox placement.
Our basic package includes VPS to bulk mailer conversion, starting at $99. We ensure a seamless conversion process, with no downtime and minimal loss of data.
We offer a standard package that includes VPS to email server conversion, along with basic email setup services. Starting at $199, this package includes email server setup and configuration, SMTP integration, and SPF/DKIM authentication, ensuring your emails reach the inbox with minimal bounce rates.
Our premium package includes a full email solution setup, starting at $299. This package includes cPanel and WHM installation, MailWizz/Mumara configuration, and advanced email server optimization, ensuring maximum deliverability and inbox placement.
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