At BulkMailingSolutions, we offer a range of transparent pricing options to suit your email server needs. Choose from our Basic, Standard, and Premium packages and elevate your email marketing game with ease.


Small businesses
$ 39
  • Basic Package: VPS to bulk mailer conversion for only $99 - streamline your email campaigns and increase efficiency with our basic package.
  • Standard Package: VPS to email server conversion + basic email setup for $199 - take your email campaigns to the next level with our standard package, including a comprehensive email server setup.
  • Premium Package: Full email solution setup (cPanel, WHM, MailWizz/Mumara) for $299 - unlock the full potential of your email campaigns with our premium package, including a fully customized email solution.


Medium businesses
$ 99
  • Ready-to-use VPS servers - We offer a range of VPS servers that are ready to use for your email campaigns.
  • SMTP with cryptocurrency - For added convenience, we provide the option to buy SMTP with cryptocurrency.
  • Linux server issue resolution - Our team of experts can resolve any Linux server issues you may encounter.


$ 199
  • Comprehensive email server setup services - We offer a comprehensive email server setup service to ensure your email campaigns run smoothly.
  • Retailing of ready-to-use VPS servers - Our ready-to-use VPS servers are available for purchase to streamline your email campaigns.
  • Expert VPS to email server conversion - Our team of experts can convert your VPS into an efficient email server with ease.

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